Thursday, April 9, 2009

List of Experiences

Conviction at nine
Electric spine @ 18
Ashley's death
First baptism
"You are going to die."
Healing in Toronto
"Go Home."
Red letter "Go Home" 3 months later.
Arriving in Altoona, home.
Acts 16
Psalm 37
Easter lily in November
Many are called in the garden
"Obedience" in the garden
Dream of Worfie
Dream of Mansion
"The helpless, lost and needy."
"It's really quite simple."
Scroll of Clouds
Gold dust
Hot hands
Cindy's healing
Breaking Heart of Jesus
Miraculous Medals and the Airplane, Justine's Rosary
Lion dreams
Pappy's intersession and phone ringing
Change of heart and Lauren's birth

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