Thursday, April 9, 2009

Secret Jesus Scroll

The original manuscript, commonly referred to as The Lost Jesus Scroll, is now housed in the Archives of the Roman Vatican. It came into the Vatican's protective custody through the hands of Nestorian priests who were forced to flee from the East in order to escape slaughter by the advancing Genghis Khan. Remnants of both the ancient Aramaic and Hebrew texts date back to the early years following the crucifixion.

And there are also many other things, which Jesus did, The which if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books That should be written. St. John 21:25
(On the third evening after the Sabbath - Monday evening at sunset.)
And so it came to pass that one evening, again as the sun was just setting, Jesus came to be alone with his disciples.
At first they sat quietly. After a time, however, John asked Jesus, "Master, your words contain more wisdom than those of the Scribes and Pharisees. Tell us how you are able to see and know things no other man has known?"
And Jesus replied, "Those who would come closer unto the Heavenly Father shall also have a greater understanding of all living things. At first we are like little children, who see something, but not the power that created it. We see the flower, but not the seed that gave it life, or the power in the seed that made the flower possible.
"Yet, one should not seek wisdom for the sake of wisdom alone, for then one becomes as a mind filled only with empty words that have no power.
"Wisdom is of God. In Him are the answers to all things. Therefore you must seek to unite your mind with His mind and all that you would know will be given unto you, even the secret of the stars."
Then one of the disciples spoke up, saying, "Master, we are not like you. We have no power save for that which moves our bodies. How can we come unto God, for we are not holy and divine?"
Maintaining his usual beneficent countenance, Jesus replied, "I say to you, that you are more holy and divine than you know, for even as I am of God and He is in me, so are you of God. The Heavenly Father created all things holy, both man and beast, but only man can perceive his own heritage and know that he is the son of a living God.
"Therefore, take no heed that you are not like unto me. First, seek ye therefore the heavenly kingdom and all powers shall be yours to use. And one day you shall come to know those things you have not heretofore known.
"When you close your eyes, think upon the wonder of creation; the valleys, the trees and the great seas. Think of the sun and the moon. Is there any greater wonder than the light of the sun, which glorifies the sky by day, or the moon that governs the tides? I say to you that all these have been brought into being by the one wisdom that created all things.
"Think of Him who instilled power in a grain of wheat to become twenty grains, or the seed in woman which becomes a child playing in the sun. Think you not that any man is truly wise who has not come first unto the One who is all wisdom.
"Draw in deeply from the mind which has brought forth creation and even now continues to guide all the stars. Feel the mind of God flow through your mind. And when you have again opened your eyes, see things anew. I tell you truly; all living things today are but shadows of things yet to come.
"Allow wisdom to guide you in all that you do, lest you become like those who go down into a deep well and take all others with them. I say to you, ever since the beginning the blind have led the blind and the thousands follow them.
With these words Jesus finished speaking, and he slowly rose up and left his disciples that he might be alone to commune with God.


  1. This short passage of words contains amazing wisdom. Where can it be found on the internet? I have done a search and only found a fictional book? I've become very frustrated trying to find the source of this material. Please reference where you found it.

    Thank you,

    Rolland B. Heiss

  2. I also would like to know the source of these words.

    Kenieth E Baker
    18th July 2011

  3. Yes, source please! It's wonderful. Is it perhaps from this book?
    I hear the Vatican is about to crumble, perhaps we will find this and more of Jesus' direct and real teachings. Thank you for posting!

    1. WoW!
      I will like to learn more about this great wisdom of Jesus. Where can I find some more?

  4. WE MUST DEMAND THE SCRO:: BE RELEASED FROM VATICAN- who are DECEIVERS & say that Yahsua was a Hybrid & Coming MESSIAH- an ALIEN!

    1. You need to sell your stock in Reynolds