Thursday, April 9, 2009

Up Here

Certain tortured souls
Walk in a higher place,
There’s a highway in the valley
But I traverse the mountain face.

For most, life rolls on smoothly
Not so, up here so high,
Every move meets danger
As I stumble, grasp and sigh.

From my perch so perilous
I have a different view,
I see present, past and future
Others never knew.

Wind sears hard upon my face
Trees lash me as I go,
Blood is spilled for each step up
Higher that I go.

Without dread, I walk alone
Protected, safe and sound,
Suffering in my skin
While my soul flies high, unbound.

I look down in the valley
Pity on my face,
For all who live in fear
And miss God’s strong embrace.

--L. Hayes
May 2005

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